Chin Music By Jack McKenna

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Book Summary

15-year-old Joe Taylor is quiet and shy, but he has a blazing fastball and pinpoint control. In 1957 he’s one of the best pitchers in the state of Wisconsin. As a freshman at Wautuk High School, he and his best friend, catcher Hank Allyson, spend most of their days on the baseball diamond. While Joe has no lack of confidence on the baseball field, the same can’t be said when it comes to girls. His biggest fan, Jayne Littlefield is not just a neighbor, she’s also in his homeroom at school.

When an opposing pitcher starts deliberately throwing bean balls and nearly injures Joe, he and Hank grapple with a desire to retaliate. Come summer, when Joe attends summer camp, he encounters not just a pack of bullies and a boy from the state reform school, but a large black bear which attacked people in a neighboring campground.

Across The Summer Skies

Published By Ainsworth Publishing

Have you ever dreamed you were at the ballpark and a line drive foul ball was heading toward you, but you didn’t have your glove? Then you woke up.

In 1948 Merrimac Ohio, spring is here, and summer is on the way. This means baseball for the boys in town. With no organized team, the boys play pickup games at the local field. There are good players and bad players. Some boys get left out altogether.

For 12-year-old Robert Christie, being left out was bad. But being embarrassed by the school bully John Donovan in front of Mary Ann, a girl from his home room was the worst. He may not be the best baseball player. But he has other hidden talents. Armed with a deep voice, a knowledge of baseball, a talent for broadcasting, and some help from his Uncle Jack. Robert announces the baseball games while the other boys play.

Soon a group of boys with uniforms and a coach arrive at their field and challenge them to a game. Now, with Robert announcing the game and a local stranger named Smokey lending the team a hand, maybe they could win. But with storm clouds on the horizon, they may not get their chance.

When the boys decide to make the big game a charity event, it surprised them in more than one way.

If you like stories about baseball and camaraderie from a bygone era, then you will love “Across the Summer Skies”. Relax and let Jack McKenna take you back in time.

Will the boys win the big game? Find out what happens at the Cleveland Indians game. Click the BUY NOW button and follow Robert on his quest to be the best baseball announcer he can be.

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